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Down Payments

Down payments are the money that is paid up front for a home. Down payments not only reduce the amount of a loan and so make a loan more affordable, but they also can impact almost every aspect of your home purchase. If you are in the market for a new home loan or a second mortgage loan, making careful decisions about down payments is vital. Of course, in order to make down payments, you need to be able to save up or create some cash. This places many home buyers in a precarious situation. On the one hand, they want to have down payments to get better deals and rates on a new home loan. On the other hand, though, saving up money is difficult since buying a home and applying for a new home loan makes it harder to put money aside. There are also costs associated with moving that need to be considered. Down payments range from nothing at all to more than 20%. No money down is possible, but it can result in higher interest and higher monthly payments. Paying larger down payments can mean more negotiating power with lenders for lower interest rates and monthly payments. However, bigger down payments can mean digging into savings more. To decide on down payments, using online calculators is a good first start. Free online calculators can help you estimate your rates and payments with various down payments. When considering down payments, it is also important to decide whether you will need a second mortgage loan to pay for your real estate purchase. If you need a down payment to get an affordable home loan, you may want to consider using a second mortgage loan, which can be used towards a down payment. If you use a second mortgage loan as a down payment, you need to be aware that a second mortgage loan carries higher interest rates, because the lender takes a larger risk with this sort of loan. However, if down payments are making your like miserable and making a new home loan unaffordable, a second mortgage loan may be an option to consider.

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