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Slow and Steady: Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans

Many new homebuyers are attracted to fixed-rate mortgage loans. Fixed rate home loans offer several advantages. They protect homebuyers from the effects of inflation -- monthly payments will never go up on these mortgages. Fixed-rate mortgage loans are also low-risk and are easier to predict. Customers always know exactly how much they will pay in monthly payments and in interest. With no surprise element, customers never have to worry that the payments will suddenly increase and become unaffordable.

On the other hand, fixed-rate mortgage loans are not right for every borrower. These types of home loans may not allow a buyer to borrow as much money as would be possible with an adjustable rate mortgage. Plus, if the borrower gets a fixed-rate mortgage loan at a time when interest rates are higher, they may actually be paying a higher than usual interest rate when the interest rates drop again. In many cases, if a borrower is only in their new home for a few years, they end up paying more with the fixed-rate mortgage loan than they would with an adjustable rate. In general, these types of mortgage loans are best for people who intend on staying in their new home for a while and for those who already have good credit and are applying for the loan at a time when interest rates are low. In this situation, borrowers can lock in a good rate and keep that rate over the term of their debt.

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