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What’s the True Story Behind California Bad Credit Payday Loans?

At their simplest, bad credit payday loans are short-term, emergency loans. In order to qualify for the loan, a borrower must have a job with a steady pay check. That's because these bad credit payday loans rely on a borrower's pay check in order to get paid. Borrowers can usually borrow up to 75% of their regular pay check, but additional fees are added onto this.
To apply for bad credit payday loans, borrowers only need to fill out a short application. Approval is usually fairly fast on this type of bad credit loan. Once the company offering the bad credit payday loan has approved the application, they offer instant cash to the borrower. In many cases, borrowers can get the cash directly from an ATM machine or from the bad credit payday loan company itself. When the borrower's pay check comes through from their employer, the bad credit payday loan company will deposit the check for themselves.
Bad credit payday loans can be a way to get emergency funds fast. The trouble is that most bad credit payday loan companies charge very high fees. In fact, some companies are being investigated for usury and other charges related to excessive interest rates. Bad credit payday loan companies argue that these types of bad credit loans are very risky, necessitating high fees. Customers should proceed with caution, and should take care to repay their bad credit payday loans promptly. Even if additional money is required from another pay check in order to pay off the bad credit loan, customers should do so. The process of rolling over bad credit payday loans is very simple. This allows the customer to put off paying off the loan. The problem is that interest rates grow exponentially this way, making it very difficult to repay the loan.
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